$ 250 000
Hi, my name is Boris and I'm 28 years old.
It's been a long time since I worked in an office. As early as 20 years old I decided that I didn't want to work for someone and would instead earn money on the Internet. It's then when I started experimenting with various ways of earning. On one forum I read about working with affiliate programs, and that's how my life as a media buyer began.

As I didn't know anything about this at first, I used services or people who bought traffic and set up campaigns with my money. I thought it would be easy, what could go wrong? But the situations were different and often less-than-ideal: people I paid simply disappeared; others just drained my budget without many results. I was frustrated — my savings were being depleted fast, and there was no profit coming in at all.
I decided to take things into my own hands and began to learn how to purchase traffic myself.
In the beginning, everything seemed very complicated, but I quickly caught on and launched my first campaigns. Since then I've tried working with various types of traffic: pop, push, context, native, teasers, video. Some things worked well, some not so much. Sometimes I invested more than $1000 and didn't get anything in return, and sometimes $100 brought me 10 times the income (making up for that lost thousand :)). Sometimes success was very close, but at that moment either my campaign didn't bring results, or the affiliate program I was collaborating with at the time didn't pay my commission for unknown reasons. I was taken for a ride more than once. And I almost gave up.
Once, on the way to the supermarket, while I was walking and counting in my head how to stretch the $500 that remained on my card for a couple of weeks, I saw a billboard: a man was trading with the IQ Option app on a luxury yacht. It dawned on me that I'd already seen the name of this company. I hurried home and looked it up. I stumbled upon an article where a guy talked about how you can earn money by attracting traders, while you didn't need to trade yourself. It was about SEO. At the time, all I knew about SEO was that this is a promotion method, advantageous mainly over a very long time, and only to those who own their own website. Then I learned that this method could bring money even to those who aren't bloggers and didn't own a brand.

Frankly, at the very beginning I thought that I'd start to buy traffic and just work with their affiliate program as usual. But to get decent results, you need to invest in traffic purchase a lot. And I was barely making ends meet. But when I saw the screenshots with numbers in this article, I decided to give this method a chance.
Profits were several times higher than mine, and investments were several times less!
At first it was difficult. I couldn't understand everything, so I visited various websites, forums, blogs and much more to collect information and figure it out. I remember those times with a smile. It was difficult, but very interesting and rewarding. Now I've become an expert, the process is simple, and it doesn't require much time.

To start buying domains I borrowed some money from a friend and put in some of my own money — that was enough to get started. I didn't know if this would bring results, I was just trying it out, but the desire to change my life was strong.

I must say right away that I chose the IQ Option affiliate program not only because the case that described the SEO-developer was about IQ, but also because before that I had tried a lot of affiliate programs and they all had drawbacks.
IQ Option proved to be excellent, and my strategy worked best with their offer.
A huge plus was that they always quickly make a profit, and my manager helped me many times and answered any questions promptly and to the point. I can say with confidence that these guys can be trusted.

I had dreamt of buying an expensive car and traveling around the world. Of course, it took several months to get to a point where I could make a decent living off of it, given that my first investment was $1000. If I'd started with $5000 dollars, today I'd have 5 times more! I'm sure that you can earn as much as me, so I'm sharing my method with you.
So what do you need to start making money?
Register for the IQ Option affiliate program on the website affiliate.iqoption.com. You then get an account and a personal manager!

To get started, I randomly selected 50 countries (all except those that the AP does not accept). This program accepts traffic from all countries except Australia, Belgium, Israel, Iran, Canada, Latvia, Palestine, Russia, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, the USA and Japan.
But it is better to play it safe and choose those countries that have shown results. You can ask your manager which countries are at the top at the moment.
Select several landing pages in the desired languages in the affiliate program. Look on the Internet to find which language is best to use for each country. For example, for Brazil, use Portuguese, for Malaysia, Malay, etc. (don't forget that all of Latin America speaks Spanish except Brazil).
If you've chosen countries which lack their corresponding language, just translate the landing pages in Google translate, as I did at first.
Buy drop domains for each country and place these landing pages on them.
A drop domain is a domain that has recently expired. They're easy to find on the Internet, for example, through the GoDaddy service.
Now you need to wait to assess which countries have high demand. When traffic goes to pages translated in Google, then in these geo-sites the competition is not high. But if there's a lot of traffic it's worth working with them. Choose 10 countries with the best results, which is what I did. My top countries turned out to be similar to the top ones recommended to me by my manager in the affiliate program.
It's time to register clean IQ Option domains for each country, write websites and do page layouts for relevant queries. I had sufficient budget to hire a copywriter and html developer. Their work is inexpensive, but it saved me a lot of time.
Sites can be made on any template, for example, Google recognizes and indexes well sites built in Wordpress.
For each site you need to create 10−20 pages with text. It makes sense to try various topics that can receive traffic from interested users.

I noticed that specific headlines and sub-headings work well, for example, "How to use IQ Option", "How to make a deposit or withdraw money", "How to download a mobile application", etc.
Abstract articles like "What indicators should I use for trading" don't capture traffic. Users who come to such content often come for knowledge; they don't have the goal of choosing a broker and starting to trade.
For each topic, I used a separate AffTrack (a parameter for tracking) and subsequently optimized those that brought profit, not just clicks and registrations. After all, I was on my way to my goal!

We turn to the main thing — increasing the weight of the site using the link mass.

Now you need to buy more drop domains for each site and transfer weight from drops to the main domain. This work is not the fastest and easiest, but it’ll definitely pay off!

An average domain costs $10−15 per drop. My campaign began to pay off well after collecting 200 drop domains. 1 primary domain requires from 50 to 100 drops, but I started with 10 drops per domain.
According to my estimates, the cost of attracting 1 visitor is 10-15 cents, including all expenses for the purchase of domains, layout and copywriters (I spent about $200 on layout and copywriters).
I want to show you my statistics from my account in the affiliate program. See for yourself which countries have shown the best results:
Latin American and English-speaking countries are at the top, as the audience is bigger in these languages.

And I simply must show you how much profit a visitor from each country brings me, because for a long time I couldn't believe that this happens, because I spent an average of 10−15 cents on each visitor:
I highlighted Spain in red for two reasons, because I didn't intentionally target this country, and it hit the top because of its focus on the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. Nevertheless, in this country ordinary users can't trade in binaries and therefore I didn't intend to spend money on it in a targeted way. As you can see, the return per user is one of the lowest.

In any case, I was so shocked by these numbers that I decided to compare them with the results of my purchase in the same countries in which I was involved before SEO.





















It seems that I'd been running in circles my whole conscious life up to this point.
And here's my average income for each hit and registration when working with SEO in IQ Option:
I invested a lot of time to get such results. But it’s worth it, because even if you stop investing, profits will continue, as sites are repurchased a year in advance.
Important tips
Here's my insights into drop domains:

The challenge is to find domains whose owners have not renewed or paid for their existence, and to buy them for our own purposes. Such domains are called "drops". In order that further use of the purchased domain doesn't cause us problems, inconvenience, or a drop in statistics, it's necessary to check the domain so that it's as "clean" as possible, profitable and with an attractive look for the search engine.
I won't teach you how to search for drops; the Internet is full of this information. But there are several nuances while checking drops, so my advice will definitely come in handy.
I have an account with Majestic.com. The lite package is enough for me. With this service, you can check the SEO quality of any domain. What you should pay attention to:

  • Trust flow of the site must be at least 10.
  • It's recommended that sites have at least 10 referring domains.
  • The site should clearly know what language it's in. Therefore, it's very important to evaluate Incoming languages. The main language should be more than 90%; if less, or even if it defines two languages as 50/50% — this is bad.
  • Check the Topics section of sites for unwanted topics for SEO: drugs, adult, spam, gaming.

I buy domains on Namecheap.com. On this site you can buy many domains directly, which is very convenient.
Don't listen to the advice of people who promise easy profits in a matter of hours. My approach requires effort and time, but as soon as you follow it, you'll never return to a 9-to-5 job.
My daily income is now more than I used to make in a month. And now I have the luxury of managing my own time and living life on my own terms!
Affiliate program, which I recommend — affiliate.iqoption.com
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